Welcome To Alamo City Soda Blasting

Alamo City Soda blasting offers the most advanced and effective blasting system on the market today.  By using baking soda and other cleaning agents when needed, Alamo City Soda Blasting is able to handle a wide variety of cleaning and restoration projects without damaging the surface of the item being cleaned.  Soda Blasting is powerful enough to remove paint from vehicles and graffiti from walls yet gentle enough to use on glass.

Environmentally Safe!

Not only is Soda blasting effective, it is also 100% safe for the environment so you don’t have to worry about run off or damaging the environment. And because Soda Blasting was developed specifically to clean the Statue of Liberty it has been proven to clean the most delicate of objects with out causing chipping or pitting.

Soda Blasting can be used for:

Removes Paint
Removes Grease
Tile / Rocks
Neutralizes Rust
Condensing Coils
Cleans Soot
Cleans Molds
Printer’s Ink
Bottom Paint on Boats