We here at ACSB utilize various abrasive media like; baking soda, crushed glass, plastic beads, aluminum oxide, etc., to remove paint and rust from your project vehicle. Below is a statement concerning Baking Soda.

Automotive SodaBlasting has been the best kept secret in the restoration business for years. Baking Soda, shot at low pressure (150 PSI or less) will completely strip your restoration project to its original factory metal in a matter of hours – without any harm. We can strip the vehicle to the metal or to layers of repair (such as plastic fillers, etc.) of your choosing. When the SodaBlasting is complete, and prior to priming, use simple hot water and dishwashing detergent at least twice to remove the Baking Soda residue and neutralize the PH level so your primer will adhere to the metal.

– Cuts costs and saves time (hours/days versus weeks/months)
– Will not harm glass or rubber so removal is not necessary
– Will not harm Chrome or Plastic
– Will not pit, scratch, or warp your vehicles surface
– Will remove all paint, clear, primer from your vehicle
– Will leave you completely satisfied

Hand sanding, chemicals, or “cover ups” are a thing of the past� Do it right the first time and you will give your vehicles body its second chance to be as new as it was when it came out of the factory.