Graffiti Removal

Graffiti  is by far the ugliest form of vandalism we deal with in the world today.  Whether it’s Gang/Turf related or it’s just a random act of lawlessness, its presence will continue to grow if not dealt with in swift, real terms.   The old “as long as it’s not in my neighborhood” mentality is fast becoming a myth as Graffiti (or “tagging”) is on the rise and moving in everyone’s direction. The presence of Graffiti, in any form and for any reason, promotes an atmosphere of chaos and crime where, if the vandals work goes unchecked, will present a message that nobody in the community cares. Graffiti will drive down property values, slow or stall business progress and, it can overwhelm a community if not dealt with appropriately and removed quickly. Case studies show that swift Graffiti removal (not unsightly “Paint-Over’s”) show the vandals that your community has a united front and the message is simple:  Graffiti will not be tolerated.

Soda Blasting is safe, green, and will wipe out Graffiti while not causing any harm to the surface it is removing the Graffiti from.  It quickly removes (in just a few hours in many cases) Graffiti which restores your property to its original form and, most importantly, shows the vandals that their acts are unacceptable and will be dealt with swiftly.